Years of history and education

In 1966, the school began as a department of the Brown’s Town All Age School under the leadership of Mr C. E. Atkinson, and continued as such until the year 1968-1969, where it was declared a separate school with approximately 560 students. For the period 1969- 1971, Mrs M.E. Straw was appointed acting principal. Mr A. Wilson was then appointed as the first principal (1971-1972). He later resigned and Mrs Straw was again asked to act as principal: a position which she held until August 1973. In September 1973, Mrs O. E. Chambers was given the baton. She was appointed principal and served from 1973-1986. Dr R. Walker took over from Mrs Chambers, serving from 1986-2000. The position of principal was then held by Mr W. Murray who served from 2000-2004. Mrs L. Royes-Smith then acted as principal until May 2006 when Mr J.R. Feraria took over the leadership of the school. Mrs S. Brown-King had a short stint as interim principal. Mr Alfred Thomas is the current principal and he assumed the role in January, 2016. 

Over the years, the school was served by many vice- principals: Mr K. Piggott, Mrs E.V. Hawthorne,   Mrs V. Archer, Mrs J. Rose, Mrs L. Royes-Smith, Mrs G Chen, Mrs J. Wilson, Mr G Griffiths and Mrs N. Walker. The present vice-principals are Mrs S. Brown-King and Mrs P. Marston Tomlinson. 

The School was called the Brown’s Town Secondary School until September 1994 when it was reclassified as a Comprehensive High School. For the first time, students gained direct entrance by way of the Common Entrance Examination. In September 2000, the school was again reclassified and given the status of High school. The students began to gain entry by way of Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and the Grade Nine Achievement Test (GNAT) and in recent years by way of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP).

The Brown’s Town High School offers a comprehensive educational programme that exposes students to the academic and technical areas. Grades seven to nine students are exposed to the core subjects and a multidisciplinary approach. Grades ten and eleven students are exposed to a practical area along with the core subjects of Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Science. They also study the subjects related to their career choices and areas of specialization.  The grade eleven students are also sent on a two-week Work Experience Programme, where they learn positive work ethics. This is in an effort to fulfil our Mission Statement: 

To provide a caring environment in which students can equitably access quality education that will prepare them for the world of work and lifelong learning.

The students are exposed to various syllabi that allow them to sit: the Caribbean Examination Council CSEC & CAPE and the National Council Technical Vocational Educational Training (NCTVET), and City & Guilds Examinations. In the past, students were able to sit the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) and the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination, Jamaica School Certificate Examination (JSC) and E-Learning. The skills currently offered at Brown’s Town High are Home Economics, Business Education, Industrial Arts, Visual Arts and Agricultural Science.

On becoming a student of Brown’s Town High school, students are placed in one of the four houses: Atkinson, Charley, Walters or Whiteman. The school now has a useable playfield for Sports Day and other activities. We engage in all types of sports, enter various competitions, and do very well at them.  Over the years, the school has entered many other competitions viz School Challenge Quiz, 4-H Clubs Parish Achievement, Science Competition, Debates, Betty Crocker Bake Off, Cricket, Netball, DaCosta Cup Competitions as well as The Jamaica Cultural Development Competition (JCDC).  We have copped the titles for many of these. 

Brown’s Town High School is unique; it is a school within a school. Being a shift school with a population of approximately 1500 regular students, we are able to satisfy the educational needs of many. In the afternoon, adults who are students of the Brown’s Town High School of Continuing Studies as well as the Unattached Youth Programme come in to prepare for CSEC Examinations or for skills training. Since October 2010, students enrolled in the Career Advancement Programme (CAP)  use the facility in the mid-mornings to early afternoons. Their course of study includes Wood Work, Housekeeping, Cosmetology, Data Entry and Mechanical Engineering. In 2018 we started the Sixth Form programme and students are prepared for CXC/CAPE and NCTVET examinations.  Their course of studies includes CAPE: Communication Studies, Physical Education, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Environmental Science, Entrepreneur and Tourism.  Students are prepared for skills in Building & Furniture Making, Cosmetology, Computer Repairs. Course offerings are subject to change.

At present the school is staffed by Principal Mr Alfred Thomas, Vice Principals Mrs Pauline Marston-Tomlinson (Junior Shift) and Mrs Sydonne. Brown-King (Senior Shift), Dean of Discipline Mr. Zeven Walford, 114 teachers, 14 administrative staff members, and 26 ancillary and support staff. We are guided by our Vision Statement: “Achieving excellence through cooperative and systematic effort”.

Over the years, our students have done well academically. Many current teachers at the school are past students of this noble institution.  For a number of years individual students have passed up to 10 subjects in external examinations. Because of this high pass rate, some students have been able to benefit from scholarship offerings from tertiary level institutions. 

Despite the limitations we face at Brown’s Town High School, we are committed to effecting positive changes in the lives of the students entrusted to us.  These monumental changes will in turn positively affect the wider society. To outfit the institution to adapt seamlessly to these changes, the school plant has seen the creation of an entire floor which houses four new classrooms and a mini-staffroom. There was also the erection of a Multimedia Learning Centre and Reading Lab, AutoCAD Lab, and Phase 1 of the school’s auditorium. Most recently, three new classrooms were also erected above the library.  At Brown’s Town High School we continue “Striving for Excellence”.

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