The Brown’s Town High School puts focus on quality education for all and service to our Jamaicans in need.

In 1966, the school began as a department of the Brown’s Town All Age School under the leadership of Mr C. E. Atkinson, and continued as such until the year 1968-1969, where it was declared a separate school with approximately 560 students. For the period 1969- 1971, Mrs M.E. Straw was appointed acting principal. Mr A. Wilson was then appointed as the first principal (1971-1972). He later resigned and Mrs Straw was again asked to act as principal: a position which she held until August 1973. In September 1973, Mrs O. E. Chambers was given the baton.

She was appointed principal and served from 1973-1986. Dr R. Walker took over from Mrs Chambers, serving from 1986-2000. The position of principal was then held by Mr W. Murray who served from 2000-2004. Mrs L. Royes-Smith then acted as principal until May 2006 when Mr J.R. Feraria took over the leadership of the school. Mrs S. Brown-King had a short stint as interim principal. Mr Alfred Thomas is the current principal and he assumed the role in January, 2016. 






years of history


In 1919, a group of visionaries sought a new and evolved model of education, one providing the intellectual and creative freedom to tackle the most pressing issues of the day.

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We prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional. Our mission is to prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place


Emma Matthews

BA Literary Studies

“For me, it’s about the academic sphere. The University is interesting, conceptual. We acknowledge how important it is to be experimental.”


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